Bouncing Around in Bali

Bouncing Around in Bali

Press Release: 27 February 2019

Finns Recreation Club now offers a new game that already boasts widespread popularity throughout Europe, Australia and the US. The not-so-serious sports sensation – Zorb Soccer is available to hire and play at Finns!

An hilarious hybrid, the game appears to be a crossbred creation of billiards, bumper cars and football and it’s seriously funny to see. Zorb Soccer requires players to don a donut shaped, soft plastic inflatable called a ‘zorb’. Their upper bodies are protected in the ring, allowing only the legs to protrude so they can still run and kick the ball around the field. Much like soccer, the aim of the game is to get the ball into goal for your team. It is bubble body combat without the bumps and bruises and it’s guaranteed to get a giggle out of everyone. One of the best things about Zorb Soccer other than side splitting fun, is that you are protected from sharp elbows and hard surfaces by one huge, air filled floatie!

Zorb Soccer is now for hire at Finns Recreation Club. It provides hours of awesome, outdoor fun for family get togethers or holiday activities and at the recommended five players per team this game is a great option for birthday parties or as an addition to Bucks and Hens Day antics. Zorb Soccer can also be included in event packages as a team building activity or even a way to break the ice at staff gatherings!

Zorb Soccer is now available for hire at Rp 1,000,000  per hour and includes up to ten individual zorbs to make two complete teams. Finns members are entitled to up to 30% percent discount. Find out why this latest craze is so popular and book your mates in for a Bubble Battle today!

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