Members of Finns Bali comprise of the resident community as well as frequent visitors to Bali. As a member the whole family can enjoy the best sporting and entertainment facilities on the island, with endless opportunities for socializing, networking and making new friends.

Finns Recreation Club environment embraces a secure, relaxed and informal setting where members can connect and interact with family, friends and colleagues.

Visit the Membership Office located in Finns Recreation Club Reception.
Phone: + 62 361 848 3939

Member Testimonials

To Finns Bali Membership Team

Couldn’t have made a better decision than adding Finns Bali Platinum Passes to the services provided to the guests of our Villas.

In the extremely competitive market of providing holiday accommodation in Bali, you are always looking for that edge in attracting new clients and retaining return visitors, the passes were number one of must haves.

Since offering the passes as part of our packages when renting anyone of our Seminyak or Canggu villas, guest uptake has definitely increased and guest satisfaction and great comments have also been on the up.

It provides all those things that villas can’t normally offer in comparison to large resorts and much more. From fun for the family at Splash to that morning workout at the gym and for those that must while in Bali do some work the business centre together offers everything needed.

For those here to party or after you’ve got the Nanny in, the amazing added benefits offered at the Beach Club have been a big favourite for our guests.

Add to all of this, the level of service by the Finns Membership Team and the many leads both retail, in sending guests our way or corporate in introducing us to partners that have helped grow our business, has been invaluable.

Great choice in obtaining these and will probably need to upgrade card numbers very soon.


Where do I start guys? The kids absolutely love Splash! As a member of a big family, we always try to focus on activities and adventures that bring families together. So we cannot be happier with our Platinum cards. The Rec Club provides a great sense of community where kids can play football, go down the slides and watch movies. Meanwhile the big kids can use the gym and socialize. And everyone can enjoy the beach club. The pool there is fantastic for all and it’s an amazing place to take guests. Many people have heard of Finns Beach Club either through word-of-mouth or researching Bali.

All in all, the membership helps add a new dimension to any visitors stay in Bali. It covers off all aspects from fun daily-activities to using the gym and getting some work done. It basically adds an office, gym, lap pool and friendly service to your villa. An excellent point of difference in a crowded villa market.

Karac PoolVilla Nido

We would like to thank you for assisting us on our recent purchase of a 6 Platinum Card Package. At this stage we are using them mainly for business purposes in entertaining clients, and prospective buyers of our Villas that are for sale or currently under construction. Our clients have loved the opportunity to experience all the great things at both Finns Rec Club and Finns Beach Club. It has definitely made us stand above some of our competitors. Once more of our Villas are complete, we look forward to including them as part of our guest package.

The greatest thing so far for us are the new contacts we have made through the club and this has provided us with some very good new leads for our construction business. No better venues to have meetings and talk business. The investment works out quite inexpensive over the life span, and provides everything we need to promote our business.

Thanks again for all your help in getting us started with this great initiative.

RTropical Constructions Team