Hormone Health Talks
Hormone Health Talks

FINNS Recreation Club and Dr’s Clinic present

Hormone Health & Longevity Talks with Dr. Meryl “Mimi” Kallman

Join us for an enlightening Health Talks series featuring the esteemed Dr. Meryl “Mimi” Kallman, as we delve into the intricacies of hormonal balance for both women and men. Explore the nuances of Women’s Health in a dedicated session on understanding Hormone Harmony, and discover the secrets to men’s hormonal fitness in an exclusive Men’s Health Talk. Don’t miss out on these insightful discussions aimed at empowering and educating you on the path to optimal health for all.

Women’s Health Talk

Hormone Harmony

Mastering Hormonal Health for Women’s Wellness

Thursday, 22nd Feb | 10AM

Key Topics

Men's Health Talk

Peak Performance

Unlocking Hormonal Fitness for Men

Thursday, 22nd Feb | 2PM

Key Topics


Friday, 23rd Feb

All seminar participants will have the exclusive chance to secure complimentary medical consultations with our prestigious doctor the following day. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary offer for personalized health insights and expert advice.

Hormone Health Talks


Dr. Meryl “Mimi” Kallman

A dedicated co-owner and head doctor at DR’s Clinic.

Born in the United States and now a proud Indonesian citizen, Dr. Mimi blends a distinctive expertise in anti-aging medicine, seamlessly integrating the best of East meets West practices.

With a passion for advancing healthcare, her focus extends to hormone health and pioneering the integration of genomics in clinical practice.

Your journey towards a future of personalized and holistic well-being starts here.

Hormone Health Talks
Hormone Health Talks


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