Specialises In:
Strength & Conditioning
Sport Specific Training
Fat Loss
Functional Training
TRX & Pilates

Karin has grown up competing in various sports such as Track & Field, football & tennis. Being committed to a team, sport or even a fitness goal takes a lot of willpower, dedication but most of all mental strength to be able to push when both your body and mind really don’t want to!

With this particular background, Karin is able to connect with her clients and create a program based on their needs, whether they are focused on sport, strength or weight specific goals.
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Specialises In:
Bodyweight exercises
Functional training
Strength and conditioning
Martial arts

Bao is a knowledgeable and experienced trainer who creates dynamic and varied workouts, custom designed for each client’s unique needs.
With a diverse background in training, and an engaging personality, Bao is able to train children so they enjoy fitness, and also work with adults who want to rediscover new ways to get results.
For athletes that need an edge, or beginners who want to learn effective, safe and enjoyable training techniques, Bao offers training suitable for all every body.
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Group Fitness Classes:

Tanou has been competing in gymnastics throughout his childhood and teenage years and won many regional and national titles. He is a passionate and highly trained coach combining and integrating various backgrounds of trampolining, martial arts, yoga, Qi Gong and life coaching.


Group Fitness Classes:
Core & Booty
Aqua Aerobics

Wawan brings his passion for teaching and exercise into every class he conducts and believes that every participant should feel welcomed in his class. He’s been involved in fitness, exercises, as well as dancing since he first joined Dian Kusuma Royal Ballet Academy in Central Java in 1990. He started expanding his own dance skills afterwards – from Hip-Hop, Aerobics, to other Modern Dances without forgetting his Ballet root; also began entering competitions in various national championships until the next 7 years in Indonesia.

He now shares his unique practices in various dance styles and fitness programs, ranging from Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Belly Dance, Water Aerobics, Yoga Fit, Weight Training, and a set of kids classes & activities.


Group Fitness Classes:
Yoga 90

Wayan Kori is a certified yoga teacher who has started teaching since 2006 in many places around Bali as well as in Turkey, specializing in Hatta Yoga and Vinyasa. He studied spiritual knowledge in 1994 at Cakra Bhuana ashram in Denpasar and at 1998 at Surya Candra Bhana ashram till 2008. In 2008, he acquired his yoga certificate from Energy Yoga Bali.
He now shares his passion in teaching Yoga classes by bringing his vast experiences & knowledge to people from different culture & backgrounds


Group Fitness Classes:
Body Pump

Bobby Widjaja is a Les Mills group fitness instructor who has been involved in group fitness since 2014. He specializes in teaching Body Combat, Body Pump, CXworx, GRIT Series, and TRX Suspension Training.
For Bobby, to be involved in people’s journey to better health and fitness have always been a great pleasure for him.


Group Fitness Classes:
Body Pump
Crazy Circuit
Core Express
Cardio Combat

Wira Kristian is a certified Les Mills instructor, who is currently teaching three major programs from Les Mills namely: Body Pump, Body Combat, and RPM. On top of that, he is also a qualified TRX instructor.
Wira likes to share his knowledge and help clients to make progress & improvements regarding their body’s stamina and physique. His motto in life is “if you keep going you won’t regret it, if you give up you will”.


Group Fitness Classes:
Cycle 45 & 60
Cycle 30 Core 30

Yannis Mayun specialises in teaching Cycle, Core, and Zumba classes. She is passionate in using exercises for losing weight as she’s been struggling with obesity (over 230 pounds) in the past, which caused her severe back injury along with some other health problems. The back injury was what made her commit to maintaining a high level of fitness, losing over 80 pounds ever since.
Now, Yannis loves helping other people to achieve their own fitness goals, especially in losing weight through exercises – “I believe you can do it, and I think I can make you believe it too”.


Group Fitness Classes:
Yoga 90

I Wayan Wistika [Marcus] is a Vibrant Living Yoga and Yoga Alliance certified teacher. His yogic journey started 17 years ago when he worked at a Yoga and Meditation retreat in his village in Tabanan. He studied Yoga and met yoga teachers in the retreat who inspired and supported him to do more Yoga, until he became a teacher down to date.
He has joined a raw food yoga seminar with American group, taught people yoga in many places around Bali, as well as attended many trainings which made him familiar with many different yoga styles.


Group Fitness Classes:

Luisa is certified as a high level swim coach by the Italian Swimming Federation, having graduated in Sports Management. During her 10 years on the national swim team she competed in 4 European Championships, 4 World Championships and the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where she competed in two finals.
Luisa held records in Italy for 100m. Freestyle, 4x100m. And 4x200m. Freestyle was awarded 2 silver medals at the European Championships Helsinki 2000 and a bronze for 200m. Free style individual race at the world cup in Rio de Janeiro.
She is passionate about sharing her skills and training with others to encourage them to perform at their best.