Lap Pool and Swimming Lesson

The 25m lap pool is available for the fitness conscious or for those who just prefer to relax on a sun lounge overlooking the rice paddies. Adjacent is Splash Poolside Bar & Dining areas where guests can enjoy a cool drink or choose from the casual food menu.

When athletes are injured, particularly in the lower extremities, they are frequently told to swim to maintain their fitness level. Swimming helps stay in shape, and forms part of the rehabilitation process. The resistance of the water makes the muscles work hard without the strain or impact that is experienced on land.

Open Daily from 7am to 7pm

Adult Swim Squad
Adult Swim Squad provides participants with technique and fitness coaching from beginner to advanced levels. As a social, fun and fit way of exercising, adult swimming is beneficial for all ages.

Thursday 9.00am until 9.45am
RP 100,000 per person.

Personal Swim Training
One-on-one swimming lessons are provided for people of all ages focusing on correct technique and tailored programs. For those that do not yet feel confident swimming in a group or who would benefit from private tuition, Personal Training swimming lessons are available for you.

RP 385,000 per 45 minute session.

Toddler Swim Lessons
It is important for younger children to understand and be safe around the water. Enrolling your child in private (one on one) toddler lessons will not only be fun but will also teach them life skills. Playing, kicking, bubble and breath techniques, submersion under water, back floating and entry/exit from the pool are all taught dependent on the child.

RP 275,000 per 30 minute session.

AQUA-fit & Rehabilitation
Offered as a private (one on one) class, AQUA-fit is a type of resistance training done in waist deep or deeper water. It utilises a range of movements and various equipment while focusing on aerobic endurance, resistance training, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere with music. AQUA-fit classes are beneficial to a multitude of participants because the density of the water allows easy mobility for those with arthritis, obesity, and other conditions. However it is an effective way for people of all ages to incorporate aerobics and muscle strengthening into their weekly exercise schedule.

RP 385,000 per 45 minute session.

  • Visitors must have purchased a day pass in order to join any of the above classes.
  • Prices including tax and service charge