Plan Your Next Company Event @ Finns

Press Release: 4th January 2019 Keeping the customer happy is one of the most important part of your business. True, but it is not only the customer who is important to a company’s success. Your staff are vital to the growth of your business and it’s necessary as owners and managers to show staff how […]

Wicked Entertainment Ideas for Wet Weather Holiday Woes

Press Release: 4 January 2019. Wet season weather in Bali can put paid to the best of beach day plans and the last thing you want to do on your annual family vacay is to sit, stony faced in your hotel room, surrounded by tetchy teens and kids with cabin fever. The beach might be […]

Celebrate Australia Day in Bali with A Swim A Song and A BBQ

Press Release: 2 January 2019. Whether you’re an Aussie visiting beautiful Bali or one who has opted to live here and love it ‘long time’, there’s always a moment when each of us look for a few reminders of home. Comforts from the mother land might simply be the smell of a sausage sizzle, the […]